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A.  Membership. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of five (5) County Board Supervisors, which shall consist of:

1.    County Board Chair

2.    First (1st) Vice Chair

3.    Three (3) appointed County Board Supervisors at large

A.   Oversight.  The Executive Committee shall confer and have policy-making responsibilities for the following Departments: Corporation Counsel and Personnel.

B.    Duties and Responsibilities.  Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1.    The Executive Committee in conjunction with the Oversight Committee will interview up to three (3) candidates to make the recommendation for an appointment to the position of Department Head.  The Executive Committee in conjunction with Administrative and Finance Committee shall recommend an appointee for the position of Administrative Coordinator/Director of Finance.  

2.    Introduce Policy Resolutions that are not the responsibility of another committee.

3.    Communication and liaison between all committees, municipalities and government units, to work out problems of mutual concern.

4.    Hear policy violations and/or potential issues that may result in litigation.

5.    Develop short and long range plans for the County.

6.    Set parameters, goals, and give Policy directions to the Corporation Counsel and Personnel Director on collective bargaining issues.  Prior to any contract being submitted to arbitration, the Corporation Counsel and Personnel Director shall meet with the Committee and discuss the status of negotiations and receive further direction.

7.    All proposed union contracts shall be submitted to the Committee and County Board for final approval. 

8.    Review the recommendation of the Administrative & Finance Committee regarding salaries, benefits and compensation structure for all county personnel, and submit to the County Board for final approval. 


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