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 Long Term Support Advisory Committee Minimize


  • Dawn Burger
  • Scott Colburn
  • Kelly Oleson, HHS Director
  • Norma Davis
  • Wendy Goerke
  • Kelly Malecki
  • Kathleen Peterson
  • Melinda Rhinehart
  • Donna Richards, ADRC Manager
  • Karen Romell
  • Kathleen Schultz
  • Lorie Tomsyck, Public Health
 Duties Minimize
a.    Membership. The Long Term Support Advisory Committee shall be comprised of at least 2 members, which shall consist of the following:
1.    One (1) County Board Supervisor
2.    Five (5) individuals receiving long-term support services (or a relative or guardian of such individuals) representing each of the groups eligible for Community Options Program funding (frail elderly, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, chronic mental illness, and chemical dependence)
3.    One (1) representative from each of the following:
(a) County Health Department
(b)Commission on Aging
(c) Health & Human Services Department
(d)Local nursing home
(e) Local home health agency
(f)   Local medical center
b.    Duties and Responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1.    This is an Advisory Committee, not a policy-making committee.
2.    Meetings are held quarterly.
3.    The Long Term Support Advisory Committee is responsible for approval and oversight of the Community Options Plan (and annual updates).
4.    Assuring coordination of services among local service providers and long-term support programs
5.    Evaluating service delivery

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