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 Nutrition Advisory Committee Minimize
  • Buerger, Dawn
  • Davis, Norma
  • Colburn
  • Goerke, Wendy
  • Malecki, Kelly
  • Oleson, Kelly, HHS Director
  • Peterson, Kathleen
  • Rhinehart, Melinda
  • Richards, Donna, ADRC Manager
  • Romell, Karen
  • Schultz, Kathleen
  • Tomsyck, Lorie, Public Health
 Duties: Minimize
a.    Membership. The Nutrition Advisory Committee shall be comprised of twelve (12) individuals which shall consist of the following:
1.    Nine (9) nutrition program participants, with three (3) representing each meal site.
2.    Others representing the public interest, consisting of:
(a) One (1) County Board Supervisor
(b)ADRC Manager serving as the Aging Director
(c) Director of the Health & Human Services Department
3.    Meal site participants shall elect members to serve on the Committee.
b.    Duties and Responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1.    This is an Advisory Committee, not a policy-making committee.
2.    Meetings shall be held every two (2) months.
3.    Meetings shall provide opportunity for the Committee to address participant grievances and complaints.

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