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A.   Membership. The Highway Committee shall be comprised of five (5) County Board Supervisors. Two (2) shall serve on the Solid Waste Committee.
B.    Oversight. The Highway Committee shall confer and have policy-making responsibilities for the Highway Department.
C.   Duties and Responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:  
1. Act as the Highway Commission pursuant to §83.015, Wisconsin Statutes. 
D.   Sub Committees, Boards, and Commissions. The Highway Committee shall be responsible for interaction, communication and recommendations to the County Board with respect to the Traffic Safety Commission.
1. Traffic Safety Commission.
a. Membership. The Traffic Safety Commission shall be comprised of the following:
1. Highway Commissioner
2. Sheriff or Chief Deputy
3. County Highway Safety Coordinator
4. One (1) representative designated by the Committee on Appointments from each of the disciplines of education, medicine, and law
5. Three (3) representatives involved in municipal law enforcement agencies, highways, and highway safety
b. Duties and Responsibilities.  Include but are not limited to:
1.    Meet at least quarterly to review traffic accident data from the County and other traffic safety related matters, and carryout all other duties pursuant to §83.013
2.    Upon review, the Commission shall make written recommendation for any corrective action it deems appropriate to the Department of Transportation, County Board, Public Works Committee or any other appropriate branch of local government.
3.    Committee shall file a report on each meeting with the Department of Transportation
4.    The Department of Transportation shall furnish each commission with traffic accident data and uniform traffic citation data for the rural, federal, state and county highways in the jurisdictions represented in each Commission, which shall identify the accident rates and arrest rates on their highways, and shall also furnish a suitable map for use in spotting accidents.

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