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a.       Membership.
(1)    Pursuant §33.27, Wisconsin Statutes, upon formation of the District by the County Board, the County Board Chair is responsible for appointing four (4) or five (5) members of the initial Board of Commissioners, which operates the district until the first annual meeting. Three (3) members must be owners of property within the District, at least one (1) of whom must be a resident of the District if one (1) is willing to serve. If no resident is willing to serve, the requirement is waived. The County Board Chair shall appoint a member or nominee of the County’s Land Conservation Committee as the County Board’s appointee. Pursuant with §33.28(2m)(b), within thirty (30) days after the County Board order establishes the District, the governing body of the city, village or town within the largest valuation of property within the District is required to appoint the fifth (5th) initial Commissioner. The terms of these expires at the first (1) annual meeting of the district.
(2)    Pursuant §33.27, Wisconsin Statutes, at the first (1) annual meeting of the County-formed district, the legal residents and property owners, by secret ballot, elect Commissioners to succeed the initial Board appointed by the County Board Chair. While the Board generally includes three (3) elected Commissioners, the annual meeting is empowered to permanently increase the number of elected Commissioners to five (5). In addition to the elected representatives, the permanent Board of Commissioners includes an appointee of the city, village or town within the District with the largest equalized valuation and a nominee of the Land Conservation Committee appointed by the County Board.
b.  Duties and Responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities are set forth in §33.29 and §33.31, Wisconsin Statutes.

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