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  • Dave Grabarski 
  • Ron Jacobson (recommendation to Govenor)
  • Glen Licitar


a.  Membership. The County shall have three (3) appointments to the NCWRPC of which:
(1)    The County Board Chair shall appoint one (1) member to the NCWRPC, pursuant §66.0309(3)(a) 1, Wisconsin Statutes.
(2)    Two (2) members from each participating County shall be appointed by the Governor.  At least one (1) appointee shall be a person, selected from a list of two (2) or more persons nominated by the County Board, who has experience in local government in elective or appointive offices or who is professionally engaged in advising local governmental units in the fields of land-use planning, transportation, law, finance, engineering or recreation and natural resources development.  The Governor in making appointments under this subdivision shall give due weight to the place of residence of the appointees within the various Counties encompassed by the region, pursuant §66.0309(3)(a) 2, Wisconsin Statutes. 

North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

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