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  • A.   �Membership.The Planning & Development Committee shall be comprised of five (5) County Board Supervisors and two (2) citizen members.Of the five (5) County Board Supervisors, two (2) shall be members of the Resources & Recreation Committee.


    B.   �Oversight.The Planning & Development Committee shall confer and have policy making responsibilities for the following Departments: County Surveyor, Land & Water Conservation, Planning & Zoning, and Register of Deeds.


    C.   �Duties and Responsibilities.Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

    1.     �Act with the powers of Chapter 92, Wisconsin Statutes, regarding soil and water conservation and animal waste management.

    2.     �Act as the Land Conservation Committee pursuant to §92.07, Wisconsin Statutes and maintain all ordinances passed and in accordance therewith.

    3.     �Supervision of operation and maintenance of County owned dams.

    4.     �Act as the Planning & Zoning Committee pursuant §59.69(2), Wisconsin Statutes, and maintain all ordinances passed and in accordance therewith.

    5.     �Recommend amendments of the County Comprehensive Plan to the County Board.

    6.     �Review and take action on any Land Information policies and approval of expenditures and contracts needed, proposed by the Land Information Officer or Land Information Sub Committee.


    D.   �Sub Committees, Boards, and Commissions.The Planning & Development Committee shall be responsible for interaction, communication and recommendations to the County Board with respect to the Board of Adjustments, Central Wisconsin Community Action Counsel, Drainage Board, Housing Authority, North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, Rural Industrial Development Commission, Revolving Loan Fund and Lake Districts, Land Information Sub Committee and Golden Sands Sub Committee.


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