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A.   Membership. The Planning & Zoning Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) total members five (5) County Board Supervisors, the same two (2) shall serve on the Land & Water Conservation Committee and two (2) of which shall serve on the Extension Committee, and two (2) citizen members. 
B.    Oversight. The Planning & Zoning Committee shall confer and have policy-making responsibilities for the following Departments:  Planning & Zoning and Register of Deeds.
C.   Duties and Responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1.    Act as the Planning & Zoning Committee pursuant §59.69(2), Wisconsin Statutes, and maintain all ordinances passed and in accordance therewith.
2.    Recommend amendments of the County Comprehensive Plan to the County Board
3.    Review and take action on any Land Information policies and approval of expenditures and contracts needed, proposed by the Land Information Officer or Land Information Sub Committee
4.    Oversee County Surveyor projects and budget
D.   Subcommittees, Boards, and Commissions. The Planning & Zoning Committee shall be responsible for interaction, communication and recommendations regarding appointments to the Board of Adjustment, North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission and Land Information Subcommittee. 
  1. Board of Adjustment.Language modified to be in compliance with statutes.
a.    Membership.  The Board of Adjustment shall be appointed in accordance with Section §59.694 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The Board of Adjustment shall consist of no more than five (5) members of which the members must live within a town in the County, with no two (2) members from the same town. No member shall be a member of the Planning and Zoning Committee, a member of the County Board of Supervisors, or a member of a Town Board. The Committee on Appointments shall appoint two (2) alternates to the Board pursuant §59.694(2)(bm). The terms shall be staggered three year terms appointed by the County Board Chairperson. The members shall serve with compensation and shall be removable for cause by the County Board Chairperson upon written charges and after a public hearing.
b.    Duties and Responsibilities. Pursuant to §59.694, Wisconsin Statutes, duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1.    Hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by an Administrative Officer
2.    Hear and decide special exceptions to the terms of a Zoning Ordinance upon which the Board of Adjustment is required to pass
3.    Authorize, upon appeal in specific cases, such variance from the terms of a Zoning Ordinance, as will not be contrary to the public interest, where due to special conditions, a literal enforcement will result in practical difficulty or are unnecessarily burdensome, so that the spirit of the Zoning Ordinance shall be observed, public safety and welfare secured, and substantial justice done
a.    Membership. The Adams County Land Information Committee will consist of the one (1) County Board Supervisor who will serve as Chair. The Administrative Coordinator/Director of Finance, GIS Technician, Land Information Officer, County Register of Deeds, County Treasurer, County Clerk and a representative from each of the following Departments: Solid Waste, MIS, Land and Water Conservation, Planning and Zoning, Sheriff, Emergency Management, Highway Commission, Real Property Lister and County Surveyor.
b.    Oversight. The Land Information Committee shall confer and have policy development responsibilities and oversight for the Land Information functions and duties.
c.    Duties and Responsibilities. The Land Information Committee shall carry out all duties and responsibilities in accordance with §59.72, Wisconsin Statutes.

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