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 Probate Fees Minimize
Forms Packets $10.00 each
Guideline to Informal Probate Booklet $10.00 each
Inventory Fee, Estate, Guardianships, Conservatorships $10,000 or less $20.00
Inventory Fee, Estate, Guardianships, Conservatorships over $10,000 .2% of inventoried assets
Filing Claim Against Estate $3.00
Objection to Probate of Will $20.00
Guardian ad Litem Deposit $300.00
Wills filed for Safekeeping $10.00
Power of Attorney for Healthcare filed for Safekeeping $8.00
Declaration to Physicians (Living Will) filed for Safekeeping $8.00
Copies (and comparing) $1.00 per page
Certification $3.00
Certified Copy - one page only $4.00
Searching for Files or Records $4.00
Termination of Life Estates $3.00
Certificate of Judgment or Descent See Inventory Fees above
Grandparent or Step-Parent Visitation Action $60.00

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