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 Adams County Landfill and Recycling Center Minimize

Brenda Quinnell
Solid Waste Director, Recycling Coordinator

1420 State Road 21

Friendship, WI 53934
(608) 339-9178
Fax: (608) 339-9147

Email for information

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Open to Adams County Property Owners

Monday-Friday  7:00 AM -3:00 PM
Except Major Holidays

Saturday Hours  - First Saturday in May - Labor Day
8:00am - 12:00pm 
No Saturday Hours - First Saturday following Labor Day - April

No  Sunday hours ( call for other options)

2017 Calendar

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On-Line Payments - Monday, October 24, 2011

You can now make payments on line by credit card through Lexis Nexis Payment Solutions (VitalChek), they accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Credit Cards Accepted, Visa, Master Card Discover, and American Express

Customers will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $2.50 or 2.95% whichever is greater by LexisNexis VitalChek Network Inc.
To make a Payment Click Here

Effective immediately, per Adams County Management Policy, Adams County will no longer do credit card transactions via phone. Please use the website listed to make your payments, should you choose to use your card. If you have any questions you may contact our office. Thank you!
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Practical Cents Re-Use Project

Is your trash someone else's treasure?  Many items that you consider trash can be reused by others.  Your gently used items are needed by others in Adams County


Adams County Landfill & Recycling Center is now accepting donations for Practical Cents.  Once your trash is put into our garbage containers they are taken to the landfill, destroyed, and can never be used again.     When using the County Landfill & Recycling Center we hope that you will take the time to sort your materials and gently set good items inside the marked trailer.  Your donated items will be used to help others in the community who may need a little assistance.


  • Toys - Good used toys must not be broken.  All pieces and parts should be included.
  • Tools - Hand tools, power tools in good working order.  Garden tools, construction tools, etc.
  • Furniture & House wares - all types of furniture.  We can fix small repairs and clean upholstery. Towels, kitchen wares etc.
  • Antiques - furniture, dishes, etc. needing minor repairs OK.
  • Mattress and Box Spring sets.  Mattresses alone. (Please no box springs without the mattress).  Clean and unstained.
  • Bedding - all sizes in good condition accepted.  Bed Frames - all sizes
  • Clothing - good used clothing accepted.
  • Baby furniture and Accessories.  Any item for infants and toddlers greatly needed.

If you would like a receipt for your donated items stop at the office and we can provide one for you.

Click HERE for more information

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 Accepted Items Minimize

Wisconsin Law and County Ordinance Requires That All Vehicles Hauling Waste Must Be Covered or Enclosed, Gabage, Recyclables & Yard Waste MUST be in clear plastic bags

Home Product Disposal Guide

Batteries - Lead acid batteries can be dropped off at the center free of charge.

Used Oil, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze - Recycle your motor oil from cars, boats, motorcycles, and lawn mowers free of charge. Drain your oil into a reusable, sealable container, such as milk cartons and bring it to the Recycling Center. After emptying discard your container or reuse. Antifreeze can also be taken to the center in separate containers free of cost. IMPORTANT! Don't mix your oil with solvents such as paint thinner or antifreeze. When they are combined with oil, it is no longer recyclable.

Cooking Grease - Accepted free of charge.

Appliances - See List HERE.

Fluorescent Bulbs - U-tube, Circular, CFLs, 4' bulbs, 8' bulbs, Mercury Vapor Lamp - Call for prices; small fee based on size.  Below is an example of CFLs you may be using in your home that need to be recycled.

CFL that maybe used in your home

Tires -  Car & Light Truck tires are $3.00 off rim, $5.00 on rim.  Semi-truck sized tires $8.00 off rim, $10.00 on rim. Tractor tires and bulk mixed loads (regardless of size) billed by weight at $190.00 per ton. 

Scrap Metal - All scrap metal accepted free of charge.

Sharps - Small fee based on size click HERE for more information.

Computers Components & Electronics (see TVs) - Includes hard drives, keyboards, printers, cables, copy machines, nd scanners.  Electronics are free of charge.  Monitors, laptops, notebooks, etc. - $5.00 each.  See list HERE 

TV - all types and sizes $15.00 each.

No Charge for the following Recyclables
Aluminum and Tin Cans Must be clean, may be flattened
Glass bottles and Jars Must be clean caps discarded, sorted by color
Plastic Containers #1 thru #7 Must be clean caps discarded
Corrugated (cardboard) Flatten, no packing materials
Newspaper Bundle and tie with string
Magazines & glossy paper Bundle and tie with string
Office paper / junk mail Bundle and tie with string

 Compost for Sale Minimize

The Landfill is selling bulk vegetative compost made at the Landfill from Adams County leaves, grass, wood chips, etc.  Inquire for prices.  Test results are available and our compost has a ph of 8.0 which is excellent, especially for use to correct the soils near pine trees so that grass will actually grow there.  Delivery is Avaialble

Click here for more information on the Compost


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